Footwear Retailers and Traffic Data


Global footwear sales are climbing despite challenging conditions. Sales have risen for seven years straight, and will continue to grow in the next five years according to analysts. However, this is a fiercely competitive market, and driving conversions and loyalty must be front of mind for those footwear retailers seeking long-term growth.

Stepping up store performance

Fashion multiples, branded sportswear retailers, hypermarkets and online sellers continue to steal market share from traditional shoe specialists. Meanwhile shoe shoppers are ever-more demanding, expecting choice, fit, price and excellent customer service in stores. Converting footwear browsers to buyers is a challenge, and measuring visitor numbers and smart use of store traffic data has never been more important. Download our free report to find out how traffic data insights can help with:

  • Understanding shopper behaviour
  • Boosting conversions
  • Optimising customer service
  • Store layout
  • Marketing optimisation

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