Professional Services

Achieve pilot and field results

Begin with a pilot to scope out the best way to use store traffic analytics. Position the use-case for traffic and conversion data across marketing, operations, IT, and merchandising.


There is huge value in training District and Field-level managers on key performance indicators to drive results.

Peer grouping and store segmentation

Identify high-performing and under-performing stores with in-depth analyses. Then it’s possible to implement best practices to beat (and keep beating) sales goals.

How it Works

Get the most from your retail traffic data

All retailers want to earn the highest return on their technology investment. This is more likely with a dedicated results coach and a proven change management process in place.

Retailers and shopping centre owners utilise a variety of data sets to assess store operations, marketing efforts and customer behaviours. Even when the data is compiled from individual sources and standardised, finding the time and effort required to extract meaningful, accurate insight is challenging.

In this context, what retailers and mall owners benefit from is a Professional Services solution. It will provide the framework for positioning the impact of traffic, conversion, and other key metrics across the organisation. And with an established change management process under way, retailers can prepare, manage and reinforce tactics to gain buy-in from the field and accelerate results over time. Through further data integration, segmenting and detailed peer group analysis, retailers can begin to achieve high-impact results.

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