Retail Analytics Solutions

Traffic counting & conversion

Identify opportunities to grow sales by monitoring shopper footfall and conversions in-store.

Benchmark store performance

Analyse store performance across regions, the entire store network, and the wider market.

Measure marketing & operations

Quantify the impact of marketing campaigns on shopper numbers, conversions and loyalty.

Integrate data & retail analytics

Compare results across integrated data sets to understand retail trends and make profitable changes – fast.

How ShopperTrak’s Retail Analytics Solution Works

Knowledge is Power

Make the best operational, marketing and staffing decisions through insights into shopper traffic, behaviour and conversions.

Retail is a competitive, fast-moving sector, driven by constantly changing shopper behaviour. It’s more important than ever that retailers see what is taking place within their stores, and react quickly – for retailers and retail property owners, customer insight is a vital tool for competitive advantage.

The ShopperTrak Retail Analytics suite scientifically monitors and measures shopper traffic, behaviour and conversion data. This provides valuable insight into where retail organisations can improve their marketing, operational and staffing strategies, to deliver the most profitable results.

Through a cloud-based, customisable platform, ShopperTrak gives retailers and retail property owners a detailed, real-time view of shopper behaviour – including how many people enter the store, where and when they shop, the route they take, how long they spend in-store, and what they spend.

By incorporating broader market and operational data, the ShopperTrak Retail Analytics suite solution delivers a comprehensive picture of where retail businesses can effectively deploy their resources to meet shopper demand and more rapidly generate higher revenues.

Global Traffic Insights

An exclusive interview with Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson, UK & MEA Regional and International Accounts Director, reveals the strength of a brand that delivers greater shopper intelligence by bringing ShopperTrak and FootFall together.

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