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Measure people traffic

People Counting conversion technology can measure retail traffic in and out of your stores with 98% accuracy

Pinpoint your power hours

You’ll know the busiest hours across your store estate, based on accurate retail traffic data.

Increase conversions

Plan store staffing levels in line with traffic counter data to help increase sales and conversions.

Understand movement patterns

View and assess shopper direction and trends within the retail space.

How it Works

Evolution of retail traffic counting

The Evolution of Retail Traffic Counting

ShopperTrak provides retailers of all sizes with the technology to accurately count visitor numbers. Whether installed in store entrances, or concealed within mats upon the floor, ShopperTrak’s devices deliver a highly detailed picture of shopper numbers and entrance times, enabling the retailer to assess customer behaviour with clarity.

If retailers wish to see the complete picture of how shoppers are behaving in their stores, people counting devices alone are not enough. The ShopperTrak Analytics Suite instead provides a complete measurement and assessment solution, taking the data recorded by people counters and turning it into something meaningful.

ShopperTrak’s retail analytics technology is easy to use, and offers clear answers. It can be deployed across an entire business and made visible to employees at every level, while senior members of staff can view the results applicable to them through an online dashboard that’s tailored to their needs.

The ShopperTrak Analytics Suite funnels data from multiple sources, arming retailers with the information they need to run their business more effectively.

Retail footfall counters

Shopper analytics – where next?

The challenge for those still using a footfall counter is to find a comprehensive site analytics solution that combines and interprets multiple data streams (including people counters) – in order to make quick, accurate decisions based around customers’ actual needs. It’s best to act now, when other organisations are on the back foot, than be left playing catch-up when rival companies storm ahead.

What separates the ShopperTrak Analytics Suite from other market competitors is that we don’t just give you the depth of data to make better decisions; we help you interpret information in a clear, simple and effective way.

Whether it’s business wide reporting, or a tailored online dashboard for key decision makers, our aim is to give personnel at every level the tools they need to do their job more effectively.

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