Retail AnalyticsShopper Experience

In-Store Abandonment

In-store analytics reveal why and when shoppers decide not to purchase.

Hotspot performance

Identify how shoppers behave throughout the store, and see where they spend their time.

Customer dwell time

Find out how long shoppers stay in one place, and where to encourage them to buy.

Optimal store layout

Improve your floor plan based on retail footfall data showing shopper movement patterns.

How it Works

Improving the customer experience

Improving the Customer Experience

Today, big data in retail is being used to shape the customer experience, making life easier and more interesting for shoppers. Starting with people counting devices at store entrances, and moving on to various location-based technologies that employ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to monitor shopper movement, retailers can build a comprehensive picture of their customers’ movements. Shopping centre footfall data and in-store analytics then become key to generating a better customer journey, leading to increased sales and profitability.

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