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Analytics as a Service

Capture data from any source to make business decisions from a web-based technology.

Understanding Big Data

Quickly build insights and create action points by exploring and visualising integrated data sets.

Customised Reporting

View the KPIs most relevant to your unique business needs, whether a small boutique or large venue.

How it Works

For Retailers

How to visualise data, and use insights to optimise marketing, leasing and operational effectiveness.

A major dilemma today for retailers is that data is being captured from multiple sources on multiple platforms – working across physical stores and online channels. The more data collected, the longer it takes to draw out meaningful insights and make informed decisions. So how should a retailer collect, manage and analyse this information, without compromising data integrity?

From small specialist shops to flagship department stores, ShopperTrak aggregates data sets from any device into one, centralised point, meaning retailers can view events within a specific retail category, market, and store, within seconds. Thanks to having a customised platform, retailers can make more informed marketing, operations, staffing and deployment decisions. Using analytics as a service, it’s possible to:

• View Traffic, Conversion, and Sales performance, and overlay with visitor behaviour metrics
• Spot and react to trends through the use of heat maps, charts and graphs
• Export and schedule automated reports to individual store or department teams

For Large Venues

For shopping centres and larger stores and venues, ShopperTrak provides a granular view into visitor behaviours. This single, comprehensive platform makes it possible to understand when and where shoppers enter, where they roam and the length of time they stay. From here retailers can learn:

• Power hours per entrance
• How to identify key areas, ‘one-and-done’ stores, first-intent stores and more through heat mapping
• How zones compare with other locations within a management company
• What would be the optimal tenant, security and maintenance strategies

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